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How is my driving anyways?

Hi Mayfilders This is Ammy's How's my driving post for Ken Hidaka here! Questions? Queries? Concerns (shhh, that's totally a Q word) please bring them all here.  I'm totally open to suggestion.

Oh yeah, I've linked to his app and the Weiss Kreuz Wiki for those who aren't familiar with the canon.

Also...WTF is up with the Russian spam bots commenting on each others posts here? Seriously.


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[Action 1]

[It's the smell that wakes him more then the sudden transformation of his bed into rubble. The smell of smoke and fire and charred flesh that just makes him sit up with a start, momentarily back in the warehouse before he realizes that he is cold, not hot.

Still, the air makes him cough and choke, and managing to find an old pair of shoes he stands to look for those who shared the house with him.]

Miakis! Omi! Lyon! Lym!

[Action 2]

[Ken's wandering the streets, looking for something, anything useful in trying to figure out what the hell has happened here. He's in danger mode so you may not want to approach him from behind.]
[Well this was unpleasant. What the fuck was he doing in a suit? Oh well, time to go try and find people to make sure they're ok.]

This is so weiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrd.

[He is looking for you. ALL OF YOU RUN IN TERROR! Or not considering he's just walking with his arms outstretched. Of course, being Ken he's a tad messy from hauling himself out of that grave but oh well!]

Fall is such a drag

[Action : Public]

[Ken is at work for once! But he's not working very hard. Mainly he's pissing off his co-workers at the shop by flicking eraser bits at them. He's really mature, ok?

Feel free to come to his store and buy stuff. I mean, it gives him something to do, right?]
Action : Assassin HouseCollapse )

Thoughts in a foreign place

[Public Phone]

Well, Miakis is still droned. I know it's temporary 'cause her runes are still there but...it's taking a long time. But yeah, if you need her for anythin', you're just gonna have to wait.

[Public : 747 Partridge]

[Ken's gardening, taking care of his bright red rose bushes in the front yard. His gloves are a little old you can tell how he's doing by all the swearing from getting pricked by the thorns.]

[Public : The Park]

[Ken has been quiet these days, mainly because he's a little frightened of the fall out from the Truth gas. But he figures it's now high time he got his ass out of the house (this may have been assisted by Omi yelling at him for just lurking inside all the time), so he's taken his trusty soccer ball out.

Not that he's really playing right now, he's just sitting on the grass, poking at it.]

Truth gas level up


Ok. For all you guys who heard Omi's phone call the other day? All true, except the communist bit. Ok, so I'm an assassin back home. That florist job I keep makin' noise about? Just my day job.

He's lying about the communist thing so ignore that! I MEAN IT! 

I...I'm sorry for lying to all of you, and I know you guys are gonna hate me for this...[He's sad, this truth will make him loose all his friends who think he's a nice, normal dude.] I just wanted a normal life for a while...If it makes you feel any better I don't really enjoy it. Now anyways. Apparently later in my future I start to. Thanks a fuckin' lot Schuldig.

Also, I used to play pro soccer, but my best friend at the time totally screwed me over and destroyed my life. I miss those days, though I kinda wish I could resurrect him and tear him apart again. [This line is followed by a snort of satisfaction.]

[Click....then reclick as he picks it back up.]

You know, thinkin' on it, I actually don't mind the florist job though. I mean, you spend all night destroying life, and all day tending to it. It's kinda relaxing even if the guys make me haul the heavy shit around more then actually doing the arrangements.

Also, Miakis is the best teddy bear known to man, it's like she's a nightmare sponge or something.

Actions for the HouseCollapse )

[Phone calls]

Phone call to JapanCollapse )


Well, welcome back everyone. How did you guys fare? Is everyone ok?   [There are a few people he means in particular, but he's worried about everybody.]

You guys better be ok.


hell yes
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